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Take a ride into Lockeford, CA and say "HOWDY" !

Exactly what are Vintiques? Most devoted "Antiquers" will state that an antique is an item that is at least 100 years old. The general population however,consider an antique anything from their childhood - or passed down from relatives. A 17 year old looks at Granny's 1970's furniture as "antique", a 50 year old looks at the same 1970's furniture as "Vintage".

 Vintiques... antiques in waiting!

The term "Collectibles" has become well known also. The accepted definition - "Items that were made in large quantities for the sole-purpose of collecting said item (most in the hope they would increase in value). Again, the term means different things to different ages, the younger generation look at comic books and science fiction items, while the older generation consider anything from salt & pepper shakers to dolls as "collectibles"

BJ Trader's brings you both, - Vintiques & Collectibles for all ages.

B.J. Traders, the place to go for Vintage Antiques & Collectibles. Here you will find items from the bygone era of the mid 20th century.

If you are looking for that unique gift, a collector, or just wanting to re-live your youth, you will want to visit the shop located just a block east of the world famous Lockeford Meats.

B.J. Traders was established in 1990 under the name of American Traditions and was located in Pollardville Ghost Town for over 10 years. At that time we specialized in Native American Art & Decor. Pollardville Ghost town was closed in 2006. American Traditions became B.J. Traders in 2008.

We gladly welcome "Something Special"

Pat, also from Pollardville Ghost Town  brings her love for dolls, (both old & new) and everything doll related that you could want.